Designer Bridesmaid Gowns

Once you’ve found your dream dress from Ashley & Justin Bride, it’s now time to focus on the best women in your life who will make your wedding that much more special. Your wedding day would be incomplete without your bridesmaids by your side as they play a significant part in not only the pre-wedding festivities, but also in the actual ceremony — so they must look amazing as well!

Wedding dresses for bridesmaids are equally as important as the bride’s gown because they complement you as well as your style, personality and wedding theme. Their dresses can enhance the entire event, whether you choose to have all your bridesmaids in the same color, silhouette and shoes or if you’re all for each one wearing what they want.


Find the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress for Your Bridal Party

We know it can be a bit tricky if your options are limited when searching through bridesmaids dress designers. Ashley & Justin Bride carries elegant and unique gowns along with fashion-forward and vintage styles with everything in between to suit your fancy. Whether you adore classic or trendy vibes, bold colors or more sultry looks, we have an entire collection of bridesmaids dresses that will have you giddy with excitement.

The biggest decision you have to make is whether you want all your bridesmaids in the same color, silhouette and style or a combination of the three. It all comes down to personal preference and how you want your favorite girls to look standing next to you in the hundreds, maybe even thousands, of pictures and selfies.

Dresses for All Silhouettes From Ashley & Justin Bridal

We are a bridesmaid dress designer that offers an incredible line of gowns with a range of styles, fabrics, silhouettes and colors. Explore our halter tops with key-hole necklines, strapless with sequins, off-the-shoulder looks with satin touches and high slits that show off some leg.

Your bridesmaids are your BFFs, sisters and even soon-to-be sister-in-laws, and we understand you want them to look the part and feel as beautiful as you. We have every dress to complement your besties with fabric like tulle, chiffon, lace, satin, jersey and many others, along with colors like mulberry, mint, iris, blush and chocolate.

Choose styles that exhibit playful vibes, elegant simplicity, daring confidence or contemporary looks. Accentuate each gown with accessories to pull your entourage together whether it be ribbons, broaches, sashes, one-sleeve designs and more. Once you have the perfect dresses in hand, you’ll be ready to celebrate.

Dresses for All Silhouettes From Ashley & Justin Bridal

Ashley & Justin Bride delivers exquisite bridesmaid designs and styles made of top-quality fabrics and materials. Our unique and stunning designs will help each woman feel and look incredible during your day — while complementing your style as well. We offer tremendous value for our wedding dresses and work with unmatched illusion tulle and beautiful beadwork that can’t be duplicated at our price points.

Explore our bridesmaid collections or find an Ashley & Justin Bride retailer near you to start shopping. You can also contact us online to learn more about our brand.