Wedding Gowns With Lace


No other word better describes lace than its everlasting implementation in bridal gowns. Throughout generations of wedding dress designs and trends, lace continues to evolve — yet it also upholds an endless romantic touch to make every newlywed feel beautiful. Lace is a unique and adaptable fabric that can elevate an ordinary gown into one that’s memorable and magical. A timeless piece that won’t quickly be forgotten.

Lace is a feminine fabric that can create a gorgeous and graceful silhouette on any bride, whether you’re celebrating your nuptials in a church, at the beach or in a garden of blossoms. Ashley & Justin Bride gives you the ability to fall in love with invigorating lace gowns that have minute details or full and in-depth profiles. Our designers from Ashdon Brands transform lace into striking features to accommodate any piece of a dress, such as trims, appliques, sleeves, accessories and overlays.

Wearing a lace wedding dress is the epitome of classic ambiance, which we can form into floral patterns, embellish with embroidery or accompany with beading. Embroidered, knit and other versions of lace give off an enchanting vibe that will captivate every soul as you walk down the aisle. It's the perfect material for the romantic and modern bride alike.

Today, we are crafting lace into more breathtaking features than ever before. If you’re looking for a more desirable and sultry look, you'll love that we have unique lace wedding dresses that will make a statement. We can provide anything from a dramatic, open-lace back to set the stage for astounding passion or lace-detailed trains that every designer lives for. Whatever you choose will be breathtaking not only in pictures but also as you stroll toward your loved one. The delicate details will flow behind you like a melody of grace.

Ashley & Justin Bride also fashions a modern twist on lace with high necklines or halter top elements crafted to add a fresh feel to the fabric. The classic lace can also extend throughout your entire gown or supplement a cameo back where the material extends upward to make a whimsical style.

Illusion lace accents will give any bride that extraordinary moment of excitement. We use a type of illusion tulle that’s unparalleled in the industry. It takes on a sensual vibe when we fashion the sheer look and couple it with lace for a dreamy feel. Ashley & Justin Bride designers can incorporate lace into any component of a gown, whether it be lace sleeves that are long, capped or off-the-shoulder or full-body elegance and stunning trains.

Search for an Ashley & Justin Bride retailer to begin a consultation and find the perfect lace gown. We provide incomparable value and quality like no other at an affordable price point so that every one of our brides-to-be can live out their fairytale dream. Find a retailer near you or visit one of our trunk shows to learn about our brand and designs.