Fashion-Forward Wedding Gowns

The tradition of a woman wearing a wedding dress to celebrate the union between her and another dates back hundreds of years. The tradition began as a way to showcase the social status of your family, but today, wedding gowns highlight your personality. You might like bold mermaids, elegant A-lines or fairytale ball gowns. But while similar silhouettes remain throughout various collections, different styles can match your exact vision.

At Ashley & Justin Bride, we carry traditional as well as fashion-forward wedding dresses that uphold their own unique vibes compared to more classic looks.

Your wedding day is all about being the center of attention — no matter if you thrive on it or feel a bit shy. But if you love to go above and beyond the norm, you can shop our unique wedding gowns by designer. Explore the stunning lines of modern dresses. Anywhere from two-piece styles, high slits on both legs and bodacious ball gown flares that take up the whole room, our over-the-top gowns are what will allow you to live in the spotlight for an entire day.

Ashley & Justin Bride carries fashion-forward designs to keep you up to date with the latest trends. It’s fun to look through our lines of dresses and see all the out-there styles that not all brides can pull off. With non-traditional silhouettes accentuating the waistline, illusion tulle used to cover your shoulder or plunging V necklines, you will feel like one in a million — which you are!

We set ourselves apart from the industry by providing you with exclusive designs, various styles and top quality. Ashley & Justin Bride gives you tremendous value for your gown with unmatched illusions tulle and beautiful beadwork at a price point that won’t ruin your experience.

Like many things in life, there is never a cookie-cutter solution for every bride-to-be. When the traditional dresses aren’t measuring up to your extravagant dreams, Ashley & Justin Bride has all the trending fabrics, cuts, embellishments, open backs, jeweled necklines and other jaw-dropping styles. You can even make a statement in a gown that isn’t exactly white, like muted and soft tones of blush, taupe and others.

Spoil yourself with clean lines, off-the-shoulder sleeves, delicate buttons and a variety of other delicately crafted details to help you live out your fairy tale. We design our wedding gowns for brides of all shapes and sizes who thrive on not only being on trend, but also on being a true trendsetter. Feel inspired by our collections of fashion-forward gowns and find one that is everything you've dreamed of.

We know every bride has a unique twist or special vibe they want to feel as they walk down the aisle, so Ashley & Justin Bride works to bring you exaggerated gowns to suit your fancy. We carry sizes zero to 30 and provide dresses that are competitively priced. Learn more about our brand and designs by contacting us online, or start your wedding gown shopping by finding an Ashley & Justin Bride retailer.