Bridal Dress Suppliers

Your bridal boutique is one in a million — just like The Ashley & Justin Bride collection — and we know you make every investment a unique venture that will boost your name. As a bridal dress supplier, we work with you and support your company in becoming a premier bridal boutique that caters to newlyweds from across the country. If you strive to make your next step the best, you’ll want to advance your business by partnering with our luxury brand of wedding gowns.

The Ashley & Justin Bride collection, designed by the Ashdon Brands bridal house, exuberates whimsical gowns for every bride dreaming of a unique style to fit their fairytale wedding. We fuse elements of red carpet glamour with a sense of bohemian romance and chic luxury to resonate with modern fiancées of every shape and size.

We're a bridal wedding dress supplier that also has an astounding collection of bridesmaid dresses. They're far from your typical styles with delicate lace details, stunning ruching and designs that are off-the-shoulder, have halter necklines and slits and are available in a variety of divine colors.

At Ashley & Justin Bride, we dedicate ourselves to producing modern gowns with affordable price tags so that every newlywed can live out their dreams of flaunting a breathtaking mermaid gown or all-lace A-line dress. Our brilliant designers uphold standards unmatched in the industry, and we strive to perfect each style.

Like all wedding gown suppliers, Ashley & Justin Bride designs with brides-to-be in mind, but we also challenge ourselves to think about you. Bridal boutiques play an intricate part in the industry as our distributors of luxurious bridal gowns. Made to astonish brides, grooms and everyone alike, our dresses are available to purchase in wholesale. Connecting with us allows you to gain coveted designs that every bride will fall in love with.

We understand your goal is to always set yourself apart from others, and you can do so with our exquisite and unique styles. You can also participate in our trunk shows to see what we offer. It’s even a time for us to receive a better sense of your capabilities.

Search through the Ashley & Justin Bride Fall 2018 collection along with our Spring 2018 bridal and bridesmaid dresses. We offer incredible value and quality for our wedding gowns — everything from our unmatched illusion tulle to our beautiful beadwork and detailed lace components, which other designers can’t reach at our price points.

If you’re looking to find new brands to include in your shop, become our retailer and contact us online to begin the process. Ashley & Justin Bride embodies unique styles, top-quality creations and striking designs for every bride, and we partner with retailers to ensure both parties benefit.